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The Geldrops company K9 STES uses detection dogs for all kinds of ‘jobs’: from tracking for power failures to finding diesel leaks. There are 6 dogs available that can find everything. With the right training a dog can detect almost every scent. Even with the use of advanced equipment the dogs are able to detect a power failure much quicker! Enexis uses the K9 STES detection dogs for years now.

"However advanced the equipment we use, dogs find the location of a power failure a lot faster. It saves Enexis an average of three hours of time!"
Christ van Gool

Quickly detect a power failure? Our tracking dogs are able to:

  • Detect power failures: we work with our own trained detection dogs, who look for power failures in the energy network of the Netherlands. Our dogs can find disturbances that arise in low voltage cables, medium voltage cables and in public lighting cables.
  • Detect diesel leaks: to prevent diesel theft, our dogs can trace illegal taps in the pipelines. We have trained the dogs ourselves, so that we can guarantee the quality and reliability of the dogs.
  • Detect gas leaks: because our detection dogs have had intensive detective training, they can quickly detect gas leaks.

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