For dog owners and dog handlers

Massage, relaxation and sports

A massage to support relaxation, before and after an intense sport or in preparation for work. Massage offers many benefits for the dog. Nervous, anxious and stress sensitive dogs benefit from a relaxation massage. The massage ensures that all kinds of physical processes are activated, so that the dog is able to relax. A massage is not only relaxing, but also works in preparation for an intensive workout. Whether this is sports or work, a massage ensures that the dog is less likely to injure, recover faster after an intensive training or work session and performs better because he simply feels okay in his body. We would be happy to explain this during an intake

Nutritional advice

Choosing the right food for your working or sporting dog is not as easy as people sometimes think. Because of the large choice, we offer guidance and advice for working and sports dogs. We can give advice about chunk or natural (meat) food. When in doubt of allergies, we always work with the veterinarian.

Supporting dogs in sports & work

To work or exercise with your dog has a major impact on the dog’s mind and body. We know how important the right training and build-up is for sports and working dogs. That is why we offer several sports and working schedules to prepare the dog as well as possible

Activity support for dogs in sports and work

Tailored training schedules, nutrition schedules and guidance. Because every dog has a different way of working or exercising, we only offer this service tailor-made. Together we make a schedule that addresses both body and mind. For more information, please contact us or make an appointment for an intake interview.

Sport and game

Working on the dog’s self-confidence in a creative and playful way. Based on body & mind, detection and obedience exercises, we work on a relationship of trust between the dog and the owner. This lesson is for all ages, types and sizes of dogs. Lessons are given in small groups of up to 4 combinations.

Behavioral counseling

Does your dog have a behavioral problem and you don’t know why? Together with our vet, we not only look at where the problem is, but we also look at you as a dog owner. What can you improve yourself, so that the dog shows less problem behavior.

Every dog thinks differently, has different experiences and has different problems. That is why we do not work with a standard number of sessions. After the intake interview, we can give a (non-binding) indication about this. 

Behavioral counseling is always accompanied by body & mind exercises and massage. We do not aim for symptom relief, but for balance in body and mind. Collaboration and mutual trust and respect are central to this.

If your dog shows extreme behavior, then we can always refer to specialists.