Massage, relaxation and sports

For massage, sports training, rehabilitation guidance and balance and coordination training, you can contact our practice 4 Paws Motion.

More information can also be found on our website

Nutritional advice

Choosing the right food for your working or sporting dog is not as easy as people sometimes think. Because of the large choice, we offer guidance and advice for working and sports dogs. We can give advice about chunk or natural (meat) food. When in doubt of allergies, we always work with the veterinarian.

Detection training

At K9 STES you can take lessons in detection together with your dog. Upon detection, you and your dog look for a specific scent of your choice.

The detection lessons can be followed individually and therefore also suitable for dogs that are easily distracted, anxious or not social towards their peers. The detection classes are open to all breeds and all ages. The first lesson is always a FREE introductory lesson where we see if there is a click between student and instructor. After the trial lesson, you can indicate whether you want to come to lessons.

Tracking training

In the summer months, you can also follow detective training in addition to detection training. During the tracking training we teach the dogs the basics of tracking. We look for a specific fragrance of your choice. After the 10 lessons you are able to continue training independently. If you wish, a lesson can be booked every other month to receive extra instruction or to clear any blockages.

The tracking training is given in groups of 2, with the dogs taking turns tracking our fenced outdoor location.