This is what we do

Services for dog owners and dog handlers

massage – sports – nutrition advice – activity counseling

Tracking, detection, sports guidance for dog and handler and massage therapy. Thát is what K9 STES stands for!


Specialized in working with detection dogs that search for power failures and diesel leaks.
You can contact us for detection lessons, sports counseling and massage therapy.

Our team consists of Fred Guit (detection specialist) and his wife Veronique Guit (behavior and sports specialist) and has over 40 years of international experience.

In our training / massage center of 213 m2 we give detection lessons and we guide you and your dog in sports, relaxation and revalidation.

"Geweldig om te leren samen te werken met je hond"
Berlinda van Doren
"Honden werken en genieten samen met de handler. Zo leuk en leerzaam voor beide".
Yorinde Kooper